Using BGPC precast concrete flights and landings eliminates the use of complicated shuttering and scaffolding on site. As soon as the precast stairs are erected and grouted, they can be used as safe access throughout the building.

The system also provides possibilities for a wide range of surface ready to receive paint or tiles. Precast concrete stairs are widely used in villas, commercial and high-rise buildings.

The advantages of using precast stairs are:

Precast stairs provide very safe access to upper floors during construction.

  • Using precast concrete stairs will save time and cost by avoiding site shuttering and scaffolding.
  • All products have smooth surface finish with a high durability and do not require any other finishing layer, unlike cast in-situ stairs.
  • Due to strict quality control, all steps are made equal, giving added comfort to climb up and down the stairs.
  • Precast stairs are quick to install and can be utilized immediately after erection and fixing the connection.