BGPC hollowcore slabs are used in all types of buildings such as housing projects, commercial and industrial buildings, offices, car parks, etc. The hollowcore slabs are widely used for flooring, roofing and for boundary walls. The advantages of the hollowcore slabs are the very high quality, reduced weight, mass production and quick delivery to site.

BGPC offers prestressed hollowcore slabs with available thickness of 150mm, 200mm, 265mm, 320mm, 400mm and 500mm. The hollowcore slab units weigh up to 40-50% less than conventional reinforced concrete slabs of the same thickness. The reduced weight of hollowcore slabs results in slimmer framing system and smaller footings that has savings impact in construction costs.

Other advantages are:

  • Fast and easy to install with no propping that immediately opens MEP & finishing works.
  • No positive deflection for normal dead load.
  • Longer span and greater loading capacity than conventional slabs.
  • More unobstructed open space inside the building.

BGPC’s experienced structural engineers are at your service to assist for the the design and application of hollowcore slabs.