BGPC boundary wall system is composed of precast footing, precast column and precast walls. The system offers a high quality product with flexibility in design features and a variety of surfaces and shapes.

Cantilever footings are used to define the plot limit. Decorative features can be built into BGPC boundary walls as per architect design.

The standard walls are designed to a height of 1.8 – 2.2m above ground level and in modules of 4.0m – 6.0m span width. They can also be custom made to meet the individual project requirement in terms of height, width and design features.

The main advantages of using BGPC precast boundary walls are:

  • High quality product under strict quality control procedure.
  • High quality surface finish as panels are cast against steel moulds.
  • Flexibility in height, shapes, surface finishes and design features.
  • Low maintenance cost. Very short construction and erection period.