A precast concrete composite form-slab, as an integrated and fully utilized part of any traditional in-situ or post-tension slab. Eliminating all slab form-work and soffit plaster-work, considerable reduction of propping work, on site reinforcement and concreting work. Providing substantial savings on crane hours and required labour force at site.

The BGPC Plank is very competitive on towers, malls and carparks as well as for all other in-situ or post-tension slabs (flat slab, two-way spanning, etc.).

The system adopts identical structural arrangement of a traditional designed in-situ or post tension slab hence redesign is not required.

The advantages of BGPC Planks are :

  • Competitive cost – Compares favourably to the cost of traditional formwork.
  • Speed of erection.
  • Soffit Quality – Smooth and accurate soffit for direct decoration if required.
  • Structural strength – Capable of being designed to withstand most loading conditions.
  • Shapes (Ease of Customization) – Irregular shapes can be manufactured to suit contract requirements.
  • Service holes – Holes and cut outs can be accurately formed during manufacture.
  • Health and safety – Provides safe working platform during construction
  • 2 way span easy to achieve as in-situ floors.
  • Flatslab construction (weight reduction of the superstructure) .