Precast concrete walls are used as structural load bearing walls, shear walls and façade walls with external features

Almost all buildings are suitable to use precast concrete panels especially mass housing projects with typical shapes.

OtherBGPC offers a wide variety of precast walls according to their functions:

  • Cladding panels.
  • Solid panels.
  • Insulated sandwich panels .

Precast panels are used in high-rise buildings, villas, commercial and office buildings as well as industrial buildings, where emphasis on aesthetic appeal, economy and durability are of high importance.

The advantages of using BGPC precast wall panels are :

  • A short construction period.
  • Distinctive finishes can be easily provided that cannot be produced with any other material.
  • Coarse aggregate sandblasted external finish blended with horizontal and vertical grooves produce stunning architectural features with a wide selection of aggregate colors and pigments and finishes .
  • High quality produced under stringent quality control.
  • Shorter building period, lesser reliance on site labour and no requirement for scaffolding contribute to cost saving.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • The high quality concrete ensures a longer durability of the building compared to in-situ structures.
  • Panels are ready to receive paint with minimum putty works

To ensure the most optimal solution of each individual project, BGPC’s early involvement in the design phase will ensure considerable time and cost savings for the project