BGPC Toilet Pods that are produced in the factory include all pipes and fittings, water closet, sink, bathtub, shower, mixer switches, lights and other toilet accessories. BGPC Toilet Pods are delivered to site with a special lifting equipment.

Wall tiles are installed over moisture resistant plaster board. The floor tiles are laid over self-supporting fiber reinforced concrete tray. Like the normal gypsum wall system, the wall cavity will be filled with acoustic insulation on site by the main contractor.

Waste water and drainage HDPE pipes are connected by butt welding or sleeve welding and will be reaching the vertical duct area for connection to the main piping system. All accidental flooding water into the bathroom will be contained by the waterproofed threshold and drained through the fold drain: minimum capacity of the floor drain is 0,4 l/s (24 l/min.)

The distribution of plumbing system placed in the pod starts from two manifolds on the ceiling with one connection for each utility.

Each utility has it’s own seamless pipe: no T junctions are allowed. All accessible fittings have a stopping valve inside the bathroom.

The plumbing system is made with pipe-inpipe PeX 16mm and specially designed wall fittings with anti-rotation flange and rubber seal to avoid water leakage into the wall tiles and panel.

The Bathroom pod electrical installation is realized with respect to the current regulations using materials of approved quality trade mark. The standard recessed lights are installed in the ceiling.